Car Cover Types

A car cover is a useful accessory that takes care of your vehicle when it is not driven for some extended period. Buying a car cover is not a problem now. But here is the tricky part: you don’t really know which type to choose before you try it. Considering an enormous number of products available now, it makes the shopping somewhat baffling. It would be useful to clarify which types of car covers exist and which nuances you should take into account. And that’s exactly what we’re about to do.

The FIT you want

Unless you own a 1932 Bentley, the market is very likely to offer you a range of custom-made and universal covers. Custom covers are designed specifically for each make and model, so they will fit perfectly while tightly enveloping mirrors, antenna, and other exterior parts. Universal covers are designed taking into consideration only the general dimensions of the car, so don’t expect any tight fit with this option. But they are less expensive and easier to get, so if the looks and some flapping don’t bother you, go for it.

waterproof car covers

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The PLACE you park

Are you going to use the cover indoors or outdoors? It is an important question because most covers are designed to be used in certain environments. Yes, you can also opt for some versatile cover, but it won’t be your best choice. Why? The logic here is similar to that applicable to the tires selection; the more specialized product you use, the better it works. Outdoor covers can effectively resist pretty much everything, ranging from rain and sunlight to vandals and bird droppings. However, they are thicker, rougher and can be non-breathable. Hence, such a cover is better than nothing but is somewhat compromising when it comes to long-term storage or some really special cars.

car cover

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Indoor covers are good for protection from dust and scratches to which your car may be exposed even inside the garage. But these won’t handle rain, heavy wind, or snow.

The PARTS you want to get covered

Most car covers suggest the wrapping of the entire vehicle body. However, if you own a convertible, a pickup truck with valuables in its bed, or just want to have a snow shield for the windscreen, you don’t need a full body cover. In this case, you can choose the cover for the exact section of your vehicle. It will be more affordable to buy and more convenient to use.